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About the Sacramento Press Club

The Sacramento Press Club is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to helping the next generation of journalists through scholarships to journalism students in California. Founded in 1961, the SPC has been awarding annual scholarships since 1974. The SPC awards the scholarships in the belief that journalism students can be better prepared to practice the profession if they’re able to focus on their studies while attending college.

In addition, the Sacramento Press Club is committed to informing and educating its members and the public through monthly luncheons featuring news makers from throughout the nation.The Sacramento Press Club’s monthly meetings have become a forum for leading politicians and other news makers to meet with the print and electronic media journalists who cover their activities. Previous speakers – including governors, U.S. senators, presidential candidates and influential policy makers – often use their appearance at SPC luncheons to give the media and the public their insights on issues of the day, provide background and context for their reasoning behind their positions on the issues, and respond to questions.

There are more than 200 active members in the Sacramento Press Club. The SPC membership includes political reporters and columnists, new media journalists, public relations experts, press secretaries, political consultants, legislative staff members and other members of the public with an interest in the media and/or politics.

Our bylaws require that the majority of SPC board directors — as well as the President and Vice President — must be members who work in news media jobs (working journalists). Other board directors may be members who do not work directly for a news organization, such as public affairs practitioners and communications consultants. Each year, either 7 or 8 two-year seats on the 15-member board are open for election.

Current Board members include:

Dan Morain, President
Alexei Koseff, Vice President
Jessica Ng, Secretary
Laura Mahoney, Treasurer

Sophia Bollag
Fiona Hutton

Steve Maviglio
Nick Miller
Dennis Revell
Kathleen Ronayne
Dan Smith
Joyce Terhaar
Allen Young
Samantha Young
Ashley Zavala

Contact Us

Have questions or concerns?

Sacramento Press Club
P.O. Box 191006
Sacramento, CA 95819
(916) 234-3876

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