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The Sacramento Press Club is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to supporting the next generation of journalists through college scholarships. In addition, the Sacramento Press Club is committed to informing and educating its members and the public through monthly luncheons featuring news makers from throughout the nation.

November 6, 2020: Making Sense of the 2020 Election Results
November 6, 2020: Making Sense of the 2020 Election Results

California will still be counting votes three days after election day, but a picture of the results will undoubtedly have begun taken shape. So join the Sacramento Press Club on Friday, Nov. 6, at noon for a conversation with state's top pollsters, pundits and data crunchers. We'll analyze the results of we have, who voted and why this COVID election was like no other.

This free event will stream live on our Facebook page. Top political reporters will moderate, including Adam Nagourney, a Los Angeles-based correspondent of The New York Times, Libby Denkman, senior politics reporter for KPCC, and Elex Michaelson, anchor for Fox 11 Los Angeles and host of the statewide political show "The Issue Is."

Panelists include:

  • David Binder, founder of DB Research and a former pollster for Barack Obama
  • Shakari Byerly, partner and principal researcher with Evitarus
  • Adissu Demisse, founding principal of 50+1 Strategies who managed Cory Booker's presidential campaign
  • Paul Mitchell, election data geek and vice president of Political Data, Inc.
  • Steve Schmidt, Republican strategist and former adviser to Arnold Schwarzenegger

Thank you to Axiom Advisors for sponsoring the event.


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Our deepest gratitude to Nathan Ballard and his full-service public relations firm, The Press Shop, for sponsoring this event.

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